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8 August
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leo;inpi'drawingrestraint9° Leo; also known as leucchu; 13. JLover. Rock☆Addicted. graphic + music + hikki = life. kaomoji addicted. iconsmachine // musician // once-a-day-msn-nick-changer. totally fallen for Livie~ v°ω°v Loves Bjork: her music, her films and her style too! Few daysago he has seen a film; Drawing Restraint 9, and he totally caught its beautifulness. Yet so his favourite film is Kamikaze Girls ~Shimotsuma Monogatari~, with Anna Tshuchiya () and Kyoko Fukada.
)Anna Tsuchiya has worked as ANNA inspi' NANA for the NANA Anime Music; for REIRA's character, Olivia Lufkin (my little utter beautiful goddess *-*) has been chosen by Ai Yazawa, working as OLIVIA inspi' REIRA.
This is the reason why I started to follow NANA Anime, but keeping to follow it more and more I finally relized that it was already wonderful without Livie, but she's the cherry on the cake top <3

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