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19 May 2008 @ 02:40 pm
Hi! Finally I'm sharing the icons of the last Icon Marathon of Btbaw Forum! I hoped to be first (XD), but I'm the second <3 So I've received the silver award ~

So, here you are the icons! They're 30, as usual (:

♪ Björk [1/6]
☆ Kamikaze Girls ~下妻物語~ (~Shimotsuma Monogatari~) [7/11]
☆ Audrey Hepburn [12/13]
☆ Olivia Wilde [14/15]
♪ Hilary Duff [16/22]
☆ Winona Ryder [23/25]
♪ Alicia Keys [26/27]
♪ Elisa Toffoli [28/30]

Don't dress Me uuuup oh oh ~Collapse )
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02 May 2008 @ 02:12 pm
Hi! I'm back with some new icons; these days I've listened a lot to Tommy heavenly6, and I'm totally fallen with her <3 So, I thought it'd be good to do some icons with Tommy (thanks to huyuhuyu  @ hoshizora_icons  for the brushes <3) (: I also did some new icons with Livie, and I'm gonna send the icons for the last icon marathon very soon! Hope you'll enjoy, and comment pleeease! >_<

☆ OLIVIA [1/15]
☆ Tommy heavenly6 [16/23]

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26 April 2008 @ 09:24 pm
Hi there! I'm already back! x°° I'm here to send the code for a livejournal profile! If you use it, comment this entry ;3

26 April 2008 @ 08:46 pm
Hi there! How long has it taken until now? I'm not writing here since january o.0 OMG! x°D However, I decided to keep this journal alive.. I want to restart doing icons and graphics, and I'll send them here, hoping to find your comments and your visits o(>3<)o I've taken a rest from last winter, and I'm going to make a reset: I'll definitly keep doing graphics! I started right yesterday, joinin' an Icon Marathon about Actress and Singers (women only <3). I'm so happy to write here! And I'm still searching for those Mood Images with japanese singers... If anyone knows about them, please, let me know ç_ç I'm going to do them on my own... è_é So, now it's time to say goodbye <3 At the next poooooost!! :3 (and I promise it'll be sooner than this x°°°)
Bye! ~ \(^-^)o
14 January 2008 @ 08:29 pm
Well well well.. Today we have only 3 new Icons with OLIVIA.. I' m going to do some soon.. Well! I won' t write a lot now <3 So, :3 XDD I' m going to do a thing that maybe is a little insane *jaja* I want MORE personale images, so, I' m going to try to get them! Hope to do it.. <3 NOW! HELP ME! I NEED SOME MOOD IMAGES WITH OLIVIAAA!! AAAH! *-* ... Ok XDD If you know how to get some mood images with OLIVIA, or with japanese stars, please, comment and give me a link! *-*" Now, here you are the new 3 icons.. Enjoy them! ;3

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